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Ektimo engineers, integrates, installs, commissions, validates and supports the most advanced and fit-for-purpose air quality, emission and process monitoring systems in the industry.

As a trusted instrument supplier and integrator in Australia, we have a long and successful track record for service and maintenance of gas analysers, particulate monitors and other environmental monitoring and air testing equipment.

Our unique approach is to carefully study the requirements on the project and combine with our unique knowledge and experience in air sampling and testing to assure provided solutions meet the criteria and guarantee the required outcomes.

We see the complete delivery of a project to encompass design, commissioning and start-up of monitoring system, as well as performing operational validations tests, quality assurance procedures, and ongoing technical support to make sure instruments generate high quality and accurate results and to fulfil the purpose of deployment.

Instrumentation solutions and services offered by Ektimo include but are not limited to:

  • Emission monitoring equipment
  • Ambient air quality monitoring systems
  • Process gas analysers

Emission Monitoring Equipment

Ektimo's extensive knowledge and experience of monitoring systems ensures complete delivery of system needs from the initial discussions and design to the commissionging and ongoing maintenance and support. Systems are configured according to clients' specifications and regulatory requirements applicable to each Australian state or territory, and/or international (USEPA) and Australian standards (AS).

Ektimo is an independant distributor and thus sources prooducts which best fit our client's unique requirements. Some of the systems we supply include, but are not limited to:

  • WA CEMS Code compliant CEMS
  • USEPA PS-2, 3, 4 and QA Proceedure 1 compliant gaseous CEMS
  • USEPA PS-11 and QA Proceedure 2 compliant dust CEMS
  • Extractive CEMS for compliance and process, including hot wet, cold, or dilution sampling
  • In-Situ and laser gas analysers
  • Dust and opacity monitors
  • Flow, pressure and moisture measurement
  • CEMS upgrades
  • Data loggers and data acquisition systems
  • EPA protocol gas cylinders
  • Regulatory compliance assistance
  • Service and maintenance

We also provide the highest quality instruments for emission testing, spot checks and stack sampling. Ektimo has over 25 years of experience in the field and few know emission testing better than Ektimo.

Ektimo services a wide range of industries including power generation, oil and gas, metals, steel, aluminium, minerals, mining, cement, chemical, water, wastewater, food, agriculture, and manufacturing.

Products and services are backed by our NATA accredited field sampling, testing and laboratory services.

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Systems

Ektimo is a leading supplier and service provider of real-time instrumentation and turn-key environmental monitoring systems for the measurement of ambient air pollution and greenhouse gases.

Products we provide have the highest industry quality and certification and solve air quality monitoring problems for local regulators and authorities, industries and research institutes. Ektimo has always focused on bringing to market innovative solutions for air quality monitoring. Product ranges have been carefully developed to Ektimo's core value of offering 'excellence in what we do', and covers the following areas:

  • Reference air quality monitoring systems for compliance purposes
  • Fixed and mobile AQM stations
  • Ambient monitors for indicative and near reference use
  • Scattered light PM10 and PM2.5 monitors for real time dust management and air quality monitoring
  • Weather stations,
  • Air samplers and low-cost sensors
  • Noise monitoring
  • Specialty products such as tunnel monitoring systems
  • FTIR analysers
  • Trace gas monitors
  • EPA protocol gas cylinders
  • Data loggers and data acquisition systems
  • EPA protocol gas cylinders
  • Regulatory compliance assistance
  • Service and maintenance

The Ektimo team has over 25 years of experience and have set up over 250 air quality monitoring systems across the globe. Ektimo also provide technical support and services for operation, maintenance, calibration and repair of air quality monitoring systems, including TEOMs, BAMs, gas analysers, air samplers and weather stations.

Process Gas Analysis

Ektimo understands the importance of reliable process gas analysis to improve product quality and increase throughput, reduce process variability, lower energy and manufacturing costs, and to meet or exceed regulatory requirements. Combustion optimisation, monitoring levels of gases to keep the process at optimum levels, controlling purity and impurity of gases in the process and look for leakages or explosive limits are just some of the applications we cover to help industries to keep processes more reliable, safer and cost effective.

A short list of the instruments we offer:

  • FTIR or TDL gas analysers in ppb to percentage ranges
  • Oxygen and COe analyser
  • LEL analysers
  • Moisture analysers
  • Analysers to monitor gases including HCl, NH3, HCN, HF, SO2, SO3, H2S, TRS, Hydrocarbons, Toxic, gases, and more
  • In-situ, extractive or open-path technologies to fit various applications

Contact us to speak to one of our industry experts about how we can help on your next project, or check out our Products & Equipment page to discover the range of equipment Ektimo can offer.

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