Service & Repair

We offer repair, maintenance, calibration and training for air quality and emission monitoring systems.

  • Design

    Years of experience in designing customised solutions for ambient air and emission monitoring systems
  • System Integration

    Factories and teams in NSW, VIC and WA to integrate environmental monitoring systems tailored to each project
  • Commissioning

    We have commissioned and started up over 100 air, gas and dust monitoring systems across Oceania
  • Maintenance

    Preventive and corrective maintenance of CEMS and AQMS to guarantee reliable operation and data availability
  • Repair

    In-House or On-Site repair of gas and dust analysers, sampling systems and monitoring equipment
  • Calibration

    Calibrating gas and dust monitoring equipment according to EPA methods and manufacturer guidelines
  • Reporting

    In house consultants and reporting teams to provide validated reports for air and emission monitoring systems
  • Result Validation

    Perform parallel checks and validation of measured results using EPA methods, such as CGA, RATA, RAA
  • NATA Lab Services

    NATA accredited labs across Australia that provide reliable and accurate analysis and results

Get in touch

If you have an enquiry, please contact us and our team will be happy to assist you.

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