About Us

As Australia's leader in air and emission monitoring, Ektimo is dedicated to providing unmatched excellence and an outstanding customer experience.

Ektimo is Greek for appreciate and appreciation is how Ektimo measures its value to you, the client. It is your appreciation that defines our success. No project is too large, too small, or too remote. Our committed team brings a wealth of expertise and years of experience in air quality and emission monitoring systems, and are dedicated to providing our clients with unmatched excellence and an outstanding customer experience.

Our Values

  • Responsibility

  • Integrity

  • Care

  • Excellence

  • Enjoyment

Ownership that you are in control of your outcomes in life

Communicate and act "Above the line". Laying blame, justifying and shame are waste.

Act from the space "Communication is the response I get".

Agree that "Everything speaks".

Own the space "I make a difference".

No matter what happens, look at the event from the context "It’s perfect".

If you see it, it is your responsibility.

Being truthful and authentic in acts and statements regardless of consequences

See that integrity is the essence of everything successful, long-term.

Listen with respect and with the intent to understand.

Speak with good purpose; if it does not serve, do not say it.

If any action or statement appears inconsistent with what seems proper to you, communicate your perspective.

Respectfully tell your truth in every situation; "agree to disagree" is the minimum level of behaviour.

When you disagree, or do not understand, ask clarifying questions.

Make only agreements that you are willing and intend to keep.

If you cannot keep an agreement, communicate it as soon as practical to the appropriate person. Return all communications as soon as practical. If response requires more time, respond with expected

The provision of what is necessary for the support of someone or something

You need to care for self before you can care for others.

See that you are not truly defined by what you do, but by how you do it.

Ensure your actions are consistent with the type of person you aspire to be and whom you would like to work with.

See the value in acts of service.

Agree that "sharing is having more" and that ultimately "giver’s get".

See that your intentions and actions in all situations, when combined, are the measure of your "care".

The quality of being outstanding or well above what is expected

Understand that excellence is determined by your DyVal, your Process and your Network.

Understand the value of process; always follow and where possible propose improvements.

Understand that excellence is not static and that it requires constant evaluation, drive and focus.

Agree that there are multiple "right" answers and that excellence often does not settle for the first one.

See that open-mindedness is a vital element in being excellent.

Act with the understanding that the whole is greater then the sum of it's parts, "Together we're better".

Agree that excellence is rarely achieved alone and will require client intimacy.

See that you have external and internal clients and that you are striving for maximum client appreciation with minimum variation.

When something is not working, look to the process for correction and propose a process-based solution.

The state or process of taking pleasure in something

See that enjoyment is a choice, and choose it often.

Allow yourself to show your joy.

Discover or create something that is a passion as opposed to a job.

Celebrate what is difficult and what you've made easy.

See that you are an integral part of your team's enjoyment.

We view Ektimo, not as a business, but as a high performing entity, made possible by the work of many talented and diverse individuals. Meet our team.

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We offer our people the opportunity to experience challenging work for high quality clients while enjoying the benefits of a unique culture where we are uncompromising in the protection of our values.