Ambient Air Monitoring

Our team provides air monitoring and sampling campaigns Australia-wide. We are NATA accredited with labs in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane.

Ektimo offers a comprehensive range of environment or ambient air quality monitoring services. Our scope of NATA accredited air monitoring services include:

  • AS 3580.1.1 - Siting requirements
  • AS 3580.9.3 - High volume samplers for Total suspended particulates (TSP) measurement
  • AS 3580.9.6 - High volume samplers for PM10 measurement
  • AS 3580.10.1 - Determination of deposited particulate matter
  • AS 3580.9.11 - Determination of suspended particulate matter — PM10 beta attenuation monitors
  • AS 3580.9.12 - Determination of suspended particulate matter - PM2.5 beta attenuation monitors
  • AS 3580.14 - Meteorological monitoring for ambient air quality monitoring applications
  • AS 3580.19 - Ambient air quality data validation and reporting
  • USEPA Method TO-15 for sample collection using passivated cannisters and Tedlar bags

Our wider range of air sampling and monitoring services include:

  • Gravimetric particulate monitoring using real-time instruments, samplers or deposition gauges
  • Monitoring PAH, and VOCs
  • Workplace monitoring and personal air sampling
  • Sampling and monitoring of toxic gases and chemicals in the workplace
  • Fence line and boundary monitoring to detect and quantify fugitive pollutants
  • Air quality monitoring of PM and gaseous pollutants by fixed or mobile AQM stations following AS 3580 standards

To ensure our clients comply with local regulations for air quality monitoring, we not only work closely with them to identify their unique problems but also provide consultancy to ensure regulatory compliance.

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