State-wide Isokinetic Testing Programmes

Power Generation
2017 - Current
Capabilities Deployed
AS4323.2, USEPA Method 1, USEPA Methods 8, 13B, 23, 26A & 29

Meeting the unique challenges posed by large-scale duct isokinetic testing.

The Challenge

Coal-fired power station emissions within NSW are almost exclusively exhausted to stack via large-scale (~6m x 6m) ducts serviced by narrow access platforms and stairs on both sides. Ektimo is responsible for measuring stack emissions for 4 of the 5 operational stations within the state.

Until recently isokinetic testing was typically conducted through 3m probes inserted from both sides of the ducting.  The testing was cumbersome and arguably unsafe due to awkward manual handling required by the testing staff. Time was invariably lost when moving test equipment from one side of the duct to the other mid-test and the system was in much need of improvement.

In conjunction with increased regulatory focus on power station emissions and a desire to provide an enhanced product more closely aligned with approved test methods Ektimo commenced an internal process of review.

The Strategy & Solution

Ektimo devised a solution comprising modifications to both processes and equipment. The previous 3m probes were replaced with dedicated 6m power station probes with in-stack filtration; combining flowrate, Teflon-lined isokinetic sampling, temperature monitoring and combustion gas sampling into one probe configuration.

Hazardous manual handling of probes was eliminated by the introduction of large-scale scissor lifts placed adjacent to the ducting enabling seamless movement of the probes from one level to the next.

The inevitable extra costs for the provision of scissor lifts was partially funded by the time saved to perform the testing and was supported by all power station clients due to the improvements in safety and closer alignment with published test methods.

Since the introduction of these improvements the power station clients have appreciated more consistent results as well as hosting a safer and happier testing crew on site.  Ektimo has enjoyed increased pride and confidence in our product.

The new system has been adapted to many forms of isokinetic testing, specifically fine and coarse particulates, metals, halides, sulfuric acid mist and dioxins and furans.

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