Tallawarra Power Station Project

Power Generation
NSW, Australia

Continuous Emission Monitoring System to comply with NSW EPA guidelines.

The Challenge

Ektimo were engaged by Energy Australia Tallawarra Power Station to replace existing continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS) with a reliable system that meets both EPA/regulatory and client process requirements

Power stations in New South Wales (NSW) follow state EPA guidelines for monitoring and reporting. Design, validation, operation, and maintenance of supplied CEMS has to conform to these guidelines. In NSW there has been increased requirements in relation to both initial and ongoing quality assurance of CEMS.

Also, oxygen (O2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) concentrations are key factors to control the combustion process, especially during start up of gas turbines and boilers. Therefore a reliable CEMS can not only fulfill regulatory requirements but also the requirements of modern process control.

The new CEMS was planned to be installed inside existing analyser cabinet, and to use available heated line to transport the gas to the system. Ektimo had to design new CEMS around existing components which is more complex than building a complete new CEMS.

The Strategy & Solution

Ektimo benefits from many years of process and emission monitoring knowledge in the electricity generation industry, and has deployed several CEMS from HORIBA Japan, which have proven to be the one of the most reliable and precise gas analysis systems available worldwide. 

Ektimo utilised the plan, do, study, act methodology which assisted in making some significant adjustments to project execution over the course of the project, ultimately resulting in overcoming some of the issues, such as the blockage of the existing heated sample line.

Ektimo provided a turnkey project solution, including removing old system, installing new ENDA-5000 CEMS to measure O2, CO, CO2 and NOx with data acquisition system, complete electrical and mechanical installation of sampling probe and system, Site Acceptance Testing, commissioning, and start-up of supplied system. In addition, Ektimo performed audit and validation of system in comparison to reference methods, and assisted client to provide Load Based License (LBL) reporting to EPA. The CEMS was in operation from March 2020 and now Ektimo will maintain the system on a monthly basis to assure compliance to specifications and regulatory requirements.

Ektimo works closely with Energy Australia Tallawarra Power Station and also performs their annual emission testing, which is another regulatory requirement of the plant’s Environmental Protection License.

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