International Pharmaceutical VOC Testing Project

Pharmaceutical / Chemical

Complex emission measurement project in Singapore involving a United States based pharmaceutical company.

The Challenge

Ektimo was engaged by a global consulting firm to support a complex emission measurement project in Singapore involving a United States based pharmaceutical company.

Companies with international branches often face due diligence challenges when international regulations differ from country to country. This is an especially interesting dynamic when international regulations are somewhat relaxed in comparison to the HQ regulations or vice versa.

In this case the decision was made to use the more stringent U.S. testing methodology to perform the testing in Singapore, however local suppliers were not competent or accredited for the required sampling and analysis. It is common for companies to be accredited for sampling or the analysis, but less common for both. Ektimo was accredited for both the required sampling and analysis methodologies in this case.

The Strategy & Solution

The main goal of the project was about speciating and quantifying emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC's) utilising USEPA Method 18. However, this project was large and multi layered in complexity; complex batch based processes, non continuous emissions, sampling outdoors, heat and humidity, high risk worksite, dangerous goods shipments, quarantine and border controls, working VISA requirements, multiple processes feeding to single emission points and a complex emission control system.

Ektimo deployed a large team of testers from across Australia to meet the clients needs at short notice using complex methodology with stringent QC and sample handling requirements. Ektimo utilised the plan, do, study, act methodology which assisted in making some significant adjustments to project execution over the course of the project, ultimately resulting in a complete change of direction. The focus shifted from the estimation of emissions to a massive upgrade to the pollution control system.