Trent Elms

Trent Elms
is the Compliance & Quality Manager at Ektimo


Trent has over ten years’ experience working in quality management in occupational hygiene consulting, environmental services, and laboratory contexts. He has an academic background in the areas of science and engineering and sees quality management as an application of the scientific method to business processes.

He has experience with large projects including large occupational noise assessments in the mining and gambling industries, state-government asbestos register reviews and updates, and the Victorian Bushfire Recovery Project. He also has experience developing small, bespoke assessments for occupational hygiene issues. Critical to these projects were the guarantee of reliability and traceability of reported results.

Trent enjoys learning, problem-solving and working with a team that is focused on high-quality outputs.

Outside work, Trent enjoys time in the garden with his family and trying to answer tricky questions from his children.