Terry Burkitt

Terry Burkitt
is the Director - Process at Ektimo


Terry has been involved in the Environmental Industry in Australia for over 30 years. Over this period Terry has been involved on a wide variety of projects working with both private and public organisations, regulatory authorities and the legal profession. Terry is passionate about solving problems and coming up with practical workable solutions.

Terry is a strong believer in spending time with stakeholders to understand the problem and being open minded when exploring options and solutions. This applies to both working with clients and working internally with the Ektimo team. Terry is passionate about supporting a values based culture within Ektimo focused on truth, and compassion. Terry believes these elements are essential for a long term sustainable business.

Ektimo was formed in 2015 with Terry as one of the founding Directors. Prior to this Terry served as the Quality Director at Emission Testing Consultants (ETC) since its formation in 2000.

A country boy at heart, Terry grew up in a rural environment living on orchards.  Terry has a strong connection to nature and spends a large proportion of his spare time ‘going bush’.