Matthew Heskin

Matthew Heskin
is the Chief Executive Officer at Ektimo

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Matthew is a co-founder of Ektimo with almost 30 years' experience in the environmental industry in Australia. At his core, Matthew's greatest passion is to 'do his own thinking' and this has led him to do business (and other things) a little differently. He is a strong believer in living shared values, dialogue, diversity, synergy and cooperation (as opposed to competition). Whether it be working with one of his clients, the wider Ektimo team, or other industry professionals, Matthew is unwavering in his commitment to a win/win outcome.  

Prior to starting Ektimo, Matthew served as the Managing Director of Emission Testing Consultants (ETC) for over 10 years. Creating the model and supporting three competing environmental testing companies in Australia to merge and create Ektimo has been one of his greatest professional accomplishments (though he would credit his great team for this success). Matthew believes there is no such thing as "business", simply a collection of people with a common goal. Being a heart-based leader, people are at the centre of every decision.

A native Irishman with a passion for problem solving, Matthew lives, breathes, and dreams about solutions to complex global and local problems. A great day at the office for Matthew is working with a diverse team of people to solve challenging and complex issues.

In his downtime, Matthew loves to explore the world with his wife and three children and has been known to race cars (and bikes) around Tasmania and other parts of Australia.