Eric Tujek

Eric Tujek
is the Director - Operations at Ektimo

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A founding Director of Ektimo, Eric brings 15 years of experience in the environmental air testing industry to the team. Eric, originally from France, started his career in the Environmental Sector with Emission Testing Consultants (ETC) being mentored by Harry Braun; a pioneer in stack emission testing in Australia.

Eric has a key role in embedding a culture of client appreciation and bringing the synergy from the diversity of the group.

Eric is passionate about problem solving providing effective solutions to Ektimo’s client base, prospective clients and the team, Eric is always up for a challenge and eager to learn new skills along the way. Eric believes that everything is achievable with mindset and dedication.

Eric is a keen motorsport enthusiast to the dislike of his close family and an ocean lover. During his downtime and if the Fremantle “Doctor” is around, Eric can be found by the ocean kite surfing learning new tricks and trying to not hurt himself.