Andrew Lewis

Andrew Lewis
is the Air Quality Environmental Consultant at Ektimo

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Andrew is a specialist air quality assessment environmental consultant who has over 30 years of experience in conducting air assessments for a broad range of markets throughout Australia including manufacturing, power generation, mining, large scale construction, landfill, intensive animal industry and waste-water treatment.  Keeping up to date with the evolving range of state-based regulation, policy or guideline requirements, Andrew scopes and delivers assessments for new or modified facility emissions to air that may include operational analysis, field surveys, emission testing or using one of the approved air quality modelling systems such as AERMOD, AUSPLUME, CALPUFF and TAPM.  Based on the assessment outcomes, Andrew can then develop risk-based management and monitoring plans for clients to minimize their potential to cause environmental harm.

Andrew always aspires to listen to and communicate clearly with his clients to understand their requirements, with the goal to determine with them practicable management solutions that represent a compliant outcome.  His personal ethos is “attention to detail” based on an understanding of the rigorous scrutiny applied by regulators and stakeholders.

Andrew began his career with air pollution research and model development at Monash University’s Centre for Applied Mathematical Modelling, where he was on the development team for the AUSPLUME plume dispersion model that was to be used for 25 years by all of his peers in the industry.  With this work at Monash funded by consulting projects throughout Australia and overseas, he was eventually snapped up by GHD where he was able to grow upon this to conduct assessments within major projects across all market sectors, eventually as their air technical service line leader.

Andrew joined the people who were to become Ektimo in 2013, with whom he has climbed chimney stacks, got downwind of dodgy compost, circumnavigated landfills at odd hours, wrestled sampling gear from the mouths of goats, written an awful lot of reports and seen his assessments become physical reality.  Every project as interesting as the one before it.