Workplace and Ambient Monitoring

We provide comprehensive ambient air testing and workplace investigations to identify potential airborne hazards.

The process does not need to be intrusive or disruptive. Ektimo field staff know how important it is to keep the business functioning.

“We can test once, repeatedly or continuously, and internationally recognised methods (NIOSH, OSHA, ASTM) are utilised so you and your workforce can rest easy.”

“Our staff will be happy to take the time to explain what we are doing, why and how, if air testing is not usually your thing.”

Call Ektimo to discuss your concerns or your workplace needs and enjoy the benefits of a tailored a program to suit;

  • TSP – Total suspended particulate matter

  • PM10 – Particulate matter <1 0µm

  • PM2.5 – Particulate matter <2.5µm

  • Deposited particulate matter

  • Directional Dirtiness

  • NO, NO2, SO2, CO, CO2, O2

  • Sulfur gases (H2S, sulfides & mercaptans)

  • Volatile organic compounds (aliphatic, aromatic, halogenated, oxygenated)

  • Dioxins, furans, PAH’s, PCB’s

  • Aldehydes and ketones (including formaldehyde)

  • Metals

  • Odour

  • Open Path FTIR