Values and Context

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Whether an organisation realizes it or not they are driven by values. People are driven by values and organisations are driven by people.

Values drive beliefs and beliefs drive behaviour.

It is a common misconception that organisations are driven by financials. Financials are an “outcome” of your value proposition, a number of inter-related processes within an organization and your network.

Customers, suppliers and your team (and everyone on the planet) is continuously assessing behaviour and behaviour is strongly linked to values. Your team’s values create the operational “context” of an organisation.

People’s values are not malleable so it is vitally important that an organisation ensures that the team is aligned on values. We need to “operationalize” the values to highlight how those values would show up within an organisation. Once these values are operationalised they will become the “ground rules” that support the teams’ behaviour in aligning with the agreed values.

As an example, if an organisation has a value of “Integrity” you may operationalize this by saying, “make only agreements that you are willing and intend to keep”. In this instance the “ground rule” would be the same.

Integrity as an organization would be that all team members’ actions within the organisation (their behaviour) is consistent with all organisational values.

Ektimo’s values are Integrity, Responsibility, Excellence, Care and Enjoyment.

I believe you shouldn’t work for an organisation whose values you cannot passionately align with and I believe that organisations that do not passionately support their values will not be successful, long term.

To quote Buckminster Fuller “Integrity is the essence of everything successful, long term”.

Therefore leadership’s main role within an organisation should be to “hold the context” by supporting the ground rules. I purposely didn’t mention management here. Leader’s can easily be identified, as there actions will be consistent with the organisational values. This may or may not be the case for management.


Matthew Heskin
Ektimo Pty Ltd