How Ektimo handles Feedback

Ektimo sends out feedback forms upon completion of every project we complete.

The feedback table below is unfiltered. It does not include feedback from clients that have requested for their feedback not to be listed on our website. They also have the option for their company names and their own names to be anonymous.

Our goal is to continually increase the “% of feedback” we receive. We have a process of investigating any feedback that is received outside our control line (marked in red on our control chart) and this process includes a process of rectifying any issues where possible.

The main question we ask (that is control charted) is “Out of 10, how would you rate your experience with Ektimo on this project?”

We also have a goal to continually reduce the variability in our feedback scores (improving our average). In line with W Edwards Deming’s thinking we have a goal of “perfect” (indicated by a 10/10 score). This will be indicated on our control chart by a step change in the control line towards 10.

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