Commitment to Culture

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It’s been a hectic few months for Ektimo. Mashing three companies and in particular cultures together is an interesting exercise.

I remember watching a video (on YouTube) about 7 years ago by an inspirational chap called Tony Hsieh about the importance of a great culture. This young man walked away from his two hundred million dollar business ($200M) because the culture went bad. He now is the CEO of a billion dollar ($1B) online shoe company called

Since watching this video I have come to the realisation that not only is good culture important it is essential for not only success but for any kind of job appreciation and happiness. It is no mistake that Tony wrote a book called “Delivering Happiness”.

In biological terms a culture is something that is grown over time (often in a specially prepared nutrient medium). It is no different in an organisation. I believe the “specially prepared nutrient medium” in terms of business is a team with a values based context, a higher social and moral purpose and intrinsic motivation to be in the service of others.

William Edwards Deming used to say “if it is a quick fix, it is neither”. He was pointing out that it was not quick as it did not achieve the desired long-term outcome (so it would need “rework”) and it was not a fix for the same reason.

Deming believed that cultural (and organisational) change is a five year process. Tony Hsieh similarly had this to say “It’s a five-to-lifetime commitment; it’s not a two-year execution and you’re done. If you want to take it on, you’ve got to be willing to put that type of time into it.

If you are interested we would love for you to join us on this journey (by following this Blog) which will have a focus on the process required for “organisational transformation”.


Matthew Heskin
Ektimo Pty Ltd